About Paul

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog,

First off let me introduce myself and tell you who I am… I was born in the level plains of central Ill,
into a farming family where we all worked and shared together, making us a very close knit family. All helping on the farm doing chores and learning to take responsibility at a very young age, and providing many wonderful memories to live with and by.

Of course this all changed as we each one left the nest to feather our own…but with many solid guiding principles to help us on in life.
At the age of 21 I was wed to my bride of now 41 short years… (how time flies when we are having fun!!) we have 2 sons …
and of course that brought 2 daughters  (in-law) …and now 5 grand children, 1 lives close by in PA and the other 4 are Down-Under in Aussie Land..

Growing up on a farm, in a farm family, gives one a very wide horizon…and trying to narrow that down to just what you want in life can take some time…
Which I experienced and worked in several different fields and also developed and ran several businesses, with most of my time spent in the custom upholstered furniture business, where we fulfilled the dreams of the everyday client as well as the rich and famous.

MLM has always intrigued me, like most people …have tried and failed a few times… more times then I would like to admit… but the quitter never wins…
And have been involved for the last several years again and have been very interested and impressed with using the internet as a marketing tool.

So have immersed myself in training and learning the ways of the “wave of the future” when it comes to MLM. No, I am not a guru…but someone who does network marketing successfully.

I love helping people to be successful, and I look forward learning to know you and to help you achieve your goals and dreams.