Why…Did Dr Ignarro Win the Nobel Prize In Medicine??

by admin on November 5, 2009

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Dr Ignarro is a renowned research Dr who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 because he had discovered the Nitric Oxide Pathway in the human body…Dr Ignarro spent many years in researching this without any recognition for his findings until in 1998 when he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, what he really found was that Nitric Oxide Gas causes the blood vessels to relax and widen….

Now …. That…. is quite a finding…when it comes to the health of our blood pipeline system and how that can translate to health in all areas of the body…
Listen to what Dr Ignarro himself has to say about his findings,

Dr Ignarro on Nitric Oxide

This discovery started a huge chain of events…which included many other medical research schools doing the research to see if there is any truth in this new discovery…the answer was an overwhelming YES…

But why does the medical community not use this new discovery to it’s fullest capacity ??? I think it is because it is not accomplished by a prescribed drug.. but rather by a natural nutritional compound which we get in our diet everyday…our problem is that most people do not get enough of the fuel that our body uses to make a sufficient amount of Nitric Oxide Gas to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and optimum health in general.

I have personally been working for the last several years with people from all across America and other countries helping them to increase the Nitric Oxide Gas production in their bodies…which has led to some phenomenal results in many, many areas of better health & wellness.

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