Why Do I Like To Travel…??

by admin on February 23, 2010

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I Think It Is In My Blood…!!!pool_with_chaise

Ever since my young years (as long as I can remember) I have always loved to travel, when I was 12 years old my parents packed us all (6 children) into the car for a 2 week trip to the east which was quite a venture as we were from the Midwest.

So eight of us got in the family car and I found myself in the front seat between Mother & Dad looking at the map and figuring out the best route numbers and making sure that we didn’t miss our roads….and remember that was long before there were any interstate highways..so it was mostly 2 lane roads and thru the towns and cities, the only major 4 lane highway then was the PA Turnpike…so of course we found ourselves traveling there for that grand cruising experience … and of course the highlights were the tunnels even though they were just 2 lane and full of roaring smoking trucks we still couldn’t wait till we got to the next one… so hence my desire and joy in seeing what is around the next corner…started then and continues until today

I think traveling is such a wonderful way to see new things …watch for the details as you travel even in familiar areas, there always things to see and learn that we missed before, one needs to be observant and aware of our surroundings.

As we travel to new places we get to experience different cultural practices and life styles which can be very interesting and educational. Each area has its own way of talking, expressing their feelings, and accomplishing  their goals.

My wife and I are traveling as I write this…as we are in Australia for a number weeks….we have been here several times before and the more often I come the more I understand the life styles and the more I really do enjoy these fine people and their great lane…so far our travels here have been on the east coast…New South Wales, Queensland & Victoria… we are based in Sydney and just doing a lot of relaxing and short day trips from here (like taking the train then bus and ending up taking the ferry thru the Sydney Harbor and viewing the majestic Harbor Bridge and world famous Opera House) …there is so much to see and do here, their lovely sand beaches of all sizes and most just used by the localsa few very popular ones, like Bondi & Manly…love to go our short drive to our closest beach and then just stroll the sand as well as sit and watch as the waves come rolling in.. (Have I got your juices flowing yet..??)…I am really looking forward to future times when we travel on to the west…. & north…my goal…travel the entire continent in an RV seeing this great land first hand…much awaits those who have the desire to search it out…

When not traveling abroad we spend most of our time in our motor coach traveling in the wonderful USA, seeing many different places as well as being occupied in our traveling business. One of the huge perks of a network marketing business is that you can take that with you where ever you are and with the great advancements in technology we can do business from just about anywhere… (even from Aussie…LOL )so you gotta love network marketing…

So my bit of advice …if you want to travel..and you should…. find a good network marketing company who you can be compassionate about their products or services, develop a strong business, take it with you and build your business as you go, there can be very rewarding ways of using your travel costs as tax deductions and see the world too…

Happy Travels


Mary Lou Kayser March 15, 2010 at 11:29 am

Hi Paul,
This is my first visit to your blog…just discovered you through the Tribe! Love your site…you have branded yourself exceptionally well here! 🙂
As far as travel goes, I am with you: traveling is an amazing part of life and a goal for many of us to have the time and financial freedom to do a lot of it. I think having parents like yours who instill in their children a love of travel plants the travel seed for life. I know that happened to me, and I am passing it along to my two children who have been on more trips in their young life than some adults!
Thanks for sharing your travel passions with your readers. I will be back again! 🙂
~Mary Lou

Melissa Wright March 10, 2010 at 1:27 am

Hey Paul!

How wonderful that you are able to travel the world with your wife and have a business that allows you to enjoy it. I have childhood memories of traveling with my family as well, but they are no where near as nice as yours.

There were 7 of us and we drove from Maryland to Maine every summer. One summer, it was 90 degrees with 90% humidity. We were all crammed in the car with two weeks worth of luggage (including tent and sleeping bags) and the dog. We were in a station wagon with no Air Conditioning. The only windows that rolled down were the two in the front and the car was overheating so we had the heat on full blast. I was in the back of the station wagon on top of the luggage with the dog. I was drenched in sweat and the dog’s hair was plastered all over my body. We could only drive so far before we had to pull over on the side of the highway to let the car cool down, so it took us 23 hours to get there. It took me a very long time to not dread taking long car rides.

I think it is great that you look back on your family trips fondly and that traveling has become a lifestyle for you. It sounds wonderful.

Joe Emmet March 3, 2010 at 5:11 pm

Hi Paul,

My desk has turned into a juicy mess (LOL!!). Australia is the next continent I want to take my family to. You’ve been many times, and want more. . .why leave???

Technology and a network marketing company you can be passionate about are about all you need.

Thanks for the reminder — why many, if not most of us, are going down this highway with you.


Debby Beachy February 24, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Hi Paul
I just loved your post! Please keep us up to date of your travels. My son Scott lives in Australia just 10 min. off the Gold coast. We are from Indiana then moved to Wisconsin, I’m still here!

I’m looking forward to traveling more…I love the adventures you are sharing…put up a Video! It would be so much fun to see what your see sitting in my office in Wisconsin!
Looking forward to more post!
Debby Beachy

Sandy & Al Abrams February 23, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Paul, you wrote this column so well. Yes, it does get the juices flowing.

You are so right about having a network marketing business because we also have had the benefit of being able to run our business from anyplace we happen to be.

Enjoy this great trip fully!


Nick Logan February 23, 2010 at 8:43 pm

I’m so jealous Paul. That is my number 1 goal that I remind myself of everyday. With the way the internet is, I can travel in my RV and conduct biz as usual. (not quite there yet)

Val Wilcox February 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm

You are so right about the experiences and fun you can have while traveling. Always a chance to meet new people.
Thanks for sharing,
Val 🙂

Nelson Schroeder February 23, 2010 at 7:44 am

Brings back memories Paul. Especially the PA Turnpike. My land for many many years.

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